Anneka Westergreen MSW, Personal and Family Counselling, Registered Social Worker

Anneka is a lifelong northerner. Since having her own transformational counselling experiences as a youth, Anneka has continued to explore how social work and counselling can be a path to societal and personal re-balancing. Anneka holds a safe, caring, and non-judgmental space for the counselling relationship to be built. From this place, counselling is a place to explore the nature of the problems that are hurting us, as well as the possibilities for relief, change, and hope.

Anneka’s experience and style includes: narrative therapy, inter-personal relational therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy, & yoga and mindfulness philosophy and practices. She is also familiar with the medical model of mental disorders and the services of the psychiatric system. Anneka welcomes people from diverse cultures, ages, levels of income, spiritual and religious beliefs, abilities, and queer and trans folks. Her office is a breast-feeding-welcome space. Anneka has worked as a community social worker since 2006 and is familiar with the services available in the north and believes that gathering everyone around the table can bring fresh change to problems that feel stuck or overwhelming.

Anneka is a lifelong northerner, born in Inuvik and raised in Yellowknife. Anneka’s grandparents came to Canada as part of the farming-settler generations and her parents were called North in the late 1970’s. Anneka is passionate about exploring respectful ways for settlers to co-exist on the Indigenous territories that are Canada, including Chief Drygeese Territory of the Yellowknives Dene, where Yellowknife (Somba K’e) is located.

Anneka enjoys growing community, food, laughter and adventuring on the land with the water, plants and richly-talented, wisdom-holding people of the North.

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