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Child & Youth Therapy

Gaia Integrative Clinic is pleased to be able to offer child and youth therapy for kids older than 6 years old. It is important that the therapist has a one hour session with parent/guardians(s) prior to working with this age group.

In therapy, children and parents work on the child’s issues such as anxiety, emotion regulation, aggression, social skills development, grief and loss, coping with separation, school behaviour issues, home behaviour issues, running behaviours, parent-child relationship/attachment, and communication and expression of emotion and needs. Some clinical issues may be accepted for therapy such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, and gender identity transitioning. Please call the clinic to consult on such clients prior to booking to ensure we are able to meet your child’s needs.

Please see the FAQ section for Psychologist FAQ – Hiedi Yardley for more information on the practicalities of working with children and youth.

Therapy Techniques Offered: 

Emotion Coaching for kids, youth, and parents

Developed by John Gottman, Emotion Coaching was founded on research on emotional intelligence. Without good information and the right skills, parenting can feel overwhelmed. Parents may wonder: “What is one thing I could do for my child that would make a difference both now and in the future?” One answer, is to build your child’s emotional intelligence. This means helping kids understand their emotions by recognizing what they are feeling and why. To do this, we teach children to address feelings in constructive ways so they can eventually regulate their own behavior. As children mature, the ability to manage emotions helps them navigate social relationships, maximize intellectual success, and develop confidence. That’s the key: to provide a child with skills that set them up for positive social and emotional development – in childhood and beyond. (adapted from

Child Therapy

Working from Liana Lowenstein’s creative child therapy interventions workbook series, therapists can help children struggling from anxiety, depression, acting out behaviours, emotion regulation issues, anger, grief and loss, bullying, coping with divorce or separation of parents, and or having experienced or witnessed traumatic events. Working from a strengths-based approach – meaning that kids are always doing the best can with what they have in any given situation – Lowenstein’s interventions focus on building coping skills, resilience, emotion development and processing through fun and creative, play activities. At times sessions may include parents joining in to have family sessions.

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