Custom Orthotics

Do you remember the kids song “the foot bone’s connected to the leg bone, the leg one’s….?” Well they got it right! Although the anatomy is simplified, everything in our body is connected.

Some people may experience pains such as back pain, hip pain, knee pain and so on and part of the problem could stem from your feet. If your foot does not move properly (biomechanical gait abnormality) all sorts of ailments may arise immediately or years down the road. That is where custom orthotics comes in. A custom orthotic is a unique device that is designed to correct your specific foot imbalances. It works by re-aligning the bones in your foot as well as improving the way your foot moves when you walk. Improving the mechanics of your foot results in decreased stress within your foot and entire body. An orthotic looks very much like the insole to your shoe and fits comfortably within your shoes. Custom orthotics are often covered by your extended health plan however you may require a referral from you medical doctor.

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