Gaia Integrative Clinic has a full onsite dispensary consisting of the highest quality pharmaceutical grade supplements (vitamins, oils, probiotics, complexes), botanicals, topical creams, meal shakes, food bars and homeopathics.

We currently carry the following brands: AOR, NFH, Seroyal/UNDA/Pharmax, Metagenics, Thorne, Biotics, Heel, Boiron, Pascoe, Ferlow Botanicals, St. Frances Herb Farm, Signature Supplements, Nordic Naturals, Elevate Me, Go Macro, Pure Encapsulation, Douglas Labs, BioClinic Naturals, Ancient Minerals, Ferring Pharmaceticals, MediHerb, JHS Natural Products, Bach Flower, Wise Women Herbals, & Natren.

Our products are only available by prescription from your healthcare provider within the clinic except for our food bars, and natural deodorants (Routine) which are available to the general public.

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