Doula Support

Birth Doula’s support their clients by providing the 5 core elements of doula support: Emotional support, physical support (through natural comfort measures), partner support, advocacy/facilitation of conversations with health professionals, and Informational support. Before your estimated due date, your doula will meet with you to help you prepare for your birth, to go over any fears, questions, or concerns you may have, and explore comfort measures that can be used during labour. At the time of labour, your doula joins you and puts those comfort measures to use, reassures your partner, and works closely with the rest of your care providers to ensure that you are respected and heard.

Evidence Based Benefits

  • Decrease in the risk of cesarean
  • Increased likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth
  • Decrease in use of pain medication
  • Shorter labours
  • Fewer complications and medical interventions
  • Increased satisfaction with birthing experience
  • Greater success with infant feeding
  • Decreased risk of babies having low Apgar scores

Postpartum Doula’s aim to support families during the adjustment period of bringing a newborn home. They provide informational support on infant care, soothing and feeding, as well as emotional support for their clients by practicing active listening and looking out for any signs of postpartum mood conditions. Postpartum doulas will also provide a variety of community resources to help with any and every concern that may come up. Postpartum support will vary from family to family, but will also tend to include services like light tidying, groceries, errands, and meal prep to help you find the time to bond with your baby. The 4th trimester is an important and valuable time for healing, restoring, and rediscovering your health and your body.

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