Heather Moxon, Reflexologist

Heather Moxon is a registered member of the International Council of Reflexologists and believes that in order to restore and maintain balance within the body, it requires a holistic approach that is complimented with contemporary medicine. As a Reflexologist at Juniper Health Integrative Clinic, she aspires to promote relaxation, improve brain function, reduce tension, improve circulation, reduce headaches and revitalize physical and emotional well being.

With a background in nursing, she is passionate about Western and alternative medicine, as well as natural remedies. Heather studied nursing in Fredericton, New Brunswick and has 10 years in the health profession. Through her experience, she has recognized that every person has varying ways to cope with pain, stress, illness, and healing. Her empathy and ability to connect with people has allowed her to build relationships easily. This became her driving force to expand her education. In 2020, she received her certification in Hand and Foot Reflexology through Canadian Reflexology School in Victoria, B.C. In the future, she plans to further her skills and services with Ear Reflexology.

Heather thrives in a team environment, but when she is not working you can find her enjoying the outdoors. She is a novice kayaker, a tent camper, adventurous explorer of hiking trails, enjoying road trips and small gatherings with her friends.
As part of our integrative team she looks forward to offering her services to the Yellowknife community.

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