Homeopathy FAQ

What can I expect from my first visit to a homeopathic practitioner?

On the first visit to a homeopathic practitioner, the patient will be asked to describe all their concerns in detail as it pertains to their ailment. They will also be asked questions about their overall health which could include descriptions of emotions, sensations, sensitivities, temperament, energy, sleep, hunger, temperature, and digestion. The initial visit is thorough to ensure the best remedy is chosen and requires approximately two hours.

What can I expect from my follow up visit to a homeopathic practitioner?

Once the chosen remedy has been given to the patient, it will be important to follow up with the homeopathic practitioner two to six weeks after the initial visit depending on the case and concern. The homeopathic practitioner will then review all the changes that have occurred since the initial homeopathic remedy was taken, and will evaluate whether further treatment is necessary. A follow-up visit lasts on average between 30 to 45 minutes.

Is homeopathy safe, despite taking other medications and supplements?

Homeopathic remedies are very safe for all ages and circumstances if used in the correct manner. They can be used alongside conventional or naturopathic treatments and procedures under the supervision of your homeopathic practitioner.

What ailments can be supported with homeopathy?

Whether physical, mental/emotional, acute or chronic, homeopathy can be helpful in removing obstacles to health and healing either alone or alongside other necessary therapies. Many ailments can benefit from the use of homeopathy under the supervision of your homeopathic practitioner for both you and your loved one’s.

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