Individual & Family Counselling FAQ – Anneka Westergreen

What are the qualifications of the counsellor?

Anneka is a social worker who is trained in doing counselling. She recieved her qualifications through a Bachelor of Social Work (UBC) and a Masters of Social Work specializing in clinical work (counselling) from the UofC. She completed her internship at the Calgary Family Therapy Centre in Family Therapy. She has 12 years of experience working with children, families and communities and has been doing counselling for three years.

What can I expect at the first session?

When you start counselling we’ll discuss what you hope counselling to be. If you’ve had counselling before, we’ll focus on what worked for you. We will develop an understanding of what you are going through and how I can help. I will provide you will skills and strategies for handling crises you may face. If you do not have a clear goal for counselling we can discuss this as well. There is no pressure to have it all figured out, before you walk in the door.

What approaches to counselling do you use?

* Narrative Therapy “the person is not the problem, the problem is the problem.”– Michael White
* Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Crisis Planning
* Mindfulness and Radical Compassion
* Trauma-informed Yoga
* Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)
* Inter-personal Therapy
* Psychoeducation informed by attachment theories and neuroscience

How does counselling help?

Counselling helps in a number of different ways:

A safe, professional, non-judgmental relationship allows you to feel understood in what you have experienced and what you are going through. This kind of relationship allows us to release some of the shame that often keeps our problems “locked in” and feel overwhelming. A caring ally who believes in the hopefulness of your life and is genuinely curious to consider new perspectives and possibilities with you. A place to learn about inter-personal patterns, to find insight about how your thoughts, emotions, behaviours and bodily sensations, are connected , and how you might find change and growth by making change in these areas.

Does Anneka work with children?

Yes, Anneka sees children 8 years and up with a family focus as well as individual/couple sessions as needed
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