Laura Stott, Registered Massage Therapist

Laura graduated from the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba in June 2011 and has been operating her own massage therapy business since become a massage therapist. Her interest in massage therapy developed through the work and passion of her former massage therapist in Winnipeg. Laura taught at the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba for seven years and served on the Board of Directors at the Massage Therapy Association of Manitoba for a year before moving to Yellowknife in May 2019.

Laura is a firm believer that all massage has therapeutic benefits that includes relaxation and deeper tissue massage. She incorporates assessment, fascial work, varieties of soft tissue release and stretching into her massage treatments. She is also trained in RAPID Neurofascial reset and Myofascial cupping. Her main goal as a therapist is for clients to recognize themselves as their own healers and that they will fix themselves as she helps along the way. Laura has worked with a lot of professional athletes including NHL and CFL players and with Cirque du Soleil shows during their Winnipeg performances.

When not at the clinic, Laura is exploring Yellowknife with her family, hiking with her dog, cooking, knitting (she also has a small knitting business) and more knitting. Alongside massage therapy, Laura has been a reiki practitioner since 2014.

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