Reflexology is a science and art based on the theory that there are reflexes in the hand, foot and ears that correspond with every organ and gland in the body. Reflexology is the application of pressure to these areas with the intention to bring the body to a state of homeostasis.

Sabrina Flack, CNP

Sabrina completed her first Birth Doula training workshop with DONA in April 2019. Throughout the workshop, students were trained on the 5 core elements of doula support: Emotional support, physical support through natural comfort measures, partner support, advocacy/facilitation of conversations with health professionals, and Informational support. While she was formally trained to support clients after attending this initial workshop, and successfully did so, she wanted to expand and deepen her knowledge. Since training with DONA, Sabrina has sought further training through Doula Canada, with whom she is now certified as a Birth and Postpartum Doula. Additionally, she is training to certify as a Perinatal Educator & in Infant and Pregnancy Loss Support.

To supplement her formal doula training and to better support her clients, Sabrina has also taken additional training in

  • Prenatal Yoga (Octopus Garden in Toronto)
  • Pregnancy and Early Childhood Nutrition (continuing education at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto)
  • Breastfeeding education for doulas (Lactation Education Resources)
  • Novice Rebozo Credentials (with Gena Kirby)

In addition to her training as a Doula, she is also a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP), having earned a diploma in Holistic Nutrition at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Toronto. This year-long training program involved an intense study of a number of areas of nutritional health and wellness.

Sabrina grew up in and around Toronto, ON & spent most of her years living there, as well as a few years abroad in New Zealand and the UK. She recently made the move up to Yellowknife, NT in January 2020 and with every passing day grows more and more fond of The North. She always dreamt about having a career that would allow her to practice active listening and emotional support. Friends often describe her as warm and nurturing. She loves supporting the people closest to her by creating a sense of safety for them to be their whole selves, and she hopes to be able to create that same atmosphere for clients.

Outside of the clinic, Sabrina works at The Yellowknife Women’s Society, sits on the board for the Rainbow Youth Mentorship Program (a new program by The Rainbow Coalition of Yellowknife), and is the project director and co-founder of The Northern Birthwork Collective, a new non-profit that aims to provide culturally safe, just, and equitable birth and reproductive health care to the BIPOC & LGBTQ2s+ community in Yellowknife.

Sabrina nourishes herself by making art, spending time in nature, quality time with loved ones (including her cat Sadie), cooking and sharing meals, and above all else, doing the important spiritual work needed to show up as her best self for her clients.

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Heather Moxon is a registered member of the International Council of Reflexologists and believes that in order to restore and maintain balance within the body, it requires a holistic approach that is complimented with contemporary medicine. As a Reflexologist at Juniper Health Integrative Clinic, she aspires to promote relaxation, improve brain function, reduce tension, improve circulation, reduce headaches and revitalize physical and emotional well being.

With a background in nursing, she is passionate about Western and alternative medicine, as well as natural remedies. Heather studied nursing in Fredericton, New Brunswick and has 10 years in the health profession. Through her experience, she has recognized that every person has varying ways to cope with pain, stress, illness, and healing. Her empathy and ability to connect with people has allowed her to build relationships easily. This became her driving force to expand her education. In 2020, she received her certification in Hand and Foot Reflexology through Canadian Reflexology School in Victoria, B.C. In the future, she plans to further her skills and services with Ear Reflexology.

Heather thrives in a team environment, but when she is not working you can find her enjoying the outdoors. She is a novice kayaker, a tent camper, adventurous explorer of hiking trails, enjoying road trips and small gatherings with her friends.

As part of our integrative team she looks forward to offering her services to the Yellowknife community.

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