Sabrina Flack, CNP

Sabrina completed her Birth Doula training in April 2019 through Doula School in Toronto. She is currently certifying through DONA international while continuing to educate herself to better support her clients (Lactation Education for Doulas, Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training). She is also a graduate from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, with continuing education in Pregnancy and Early Childhood Nutrition.

Sabrina always dreamt that she would find a career in which she was able to deeply connect one on one with the people she was working with. A career that allowed her to practice active listening, emotional support, and holding space. It was halfway through studying Holistic Nutrition, while attending a lecture on nutrition during pregnancy, that she first heard about the role of a Doula. She knew in that instant that she had found her calling and since training has felt very much aligned and on the right path. It is a dream come true for her to support her clients through their pregnancy, labour, and postpartum journey. She believes that having the right support team during this time can make for a positive and empowering

Sabrina grew up in and around Toronto and moved up to Yellowknife in January 2020. She is incredibly excited to learn more about northern culture and to integrate herself into the community. She loves being outdoors and connecting with nature, connecting with herself through meditation and yoga, and connecting with others through cooking and sharing meals. She is deeply passionate about health, wellness and everything in between.

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