Testing & Diagnostics

Gaia Integrative Clinic has an onsite private laboratory. Due to the limitations of the public health system, some testing may be indicated that is not currently covered by government plans. Many extended healthcare plans will cover private lab testing and a quick call to your insurance provider will clarify your coverage.

Our onsite naturopathic doctors have access to a number of laboratory testing options including:

-Serum Allergy Testing

-Hormone Testing

-Comprehensive Stool Testing (digestive/micro/inflammation)

-Nutrient Testing (vitamins, minerals, EFAs, amino acids, etc)

-Heavy Metal & Chemical Solvent Testing (hair, urine)

-Functional Medicine Test Panels (organic acid, SIBO, detoxification, lipoprotein, cancer markers, etc)

-Gene Testing (including BRCA 1 & 2 testing)

**All testing requires an initial visit and one follow-up visit with one of our naturopathic doctors to ensure the most appropriate test is completed and test results are applied properly. Call the clinic with any questions or more details.

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